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Therapy Resource Center

Therapy Resource Center's team of professionals provide full-service, therapy solutions to children at home or in-school.



Communication Challenges:


• Difficulty learning how to speak

• Pronunciations that are difficult to understand

• Sensitivity to noise

• Difficult or sloppy eating in regards to chewing and swallowing

• Speech is behind other children of the same age

• Inability to follow directions


Occupational Therapy


Self-Care & Fine Motor Challenges:


• Difficulty getting dressed

• Trouble playing with new toys or learning to play games

• Difficulty drawing, coloring or tracing

• Illegible handwriting

• Difficulty learning to use tools and implements

• Poor pincer grasp


Physical Therapy


Mobility Challenges:


• Inability or difficulty learning to sit or stand

• Poor hand/eye coordination (i.e. trouble catching or throwing)

• Frequent trips and falls

• Appears stiff/awkward in his/her movements

• Clumsy: Bumps into others and objects

• Weak muscle tone and strength

• Walks on heels or walks on toes

• Never sits in a chair correctly



are recommended for:


Other Indicators:


• Short attention span

• Restlessness

• Hyperactivity

TRC'S Special


The P.L.A.Y. Project

The P.L.A.Y. Project is a proven therapy program for children with autism. PLAY Project therapists train parents to help children connect, communicate and build relationships with others. Learn more about the program at The P.L.A.Y. Project Helps Autistic Children www.playproject.org.


Created by Richard Solomon, MD in 2001, and based on the DIR® (Developmental, Individualized, Relationship-based) theory of Stanley Greenspan, MD, the program emphasizes the importance of helping parents become their child’s best P.L.A.Y. partner.

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